Eric MUTEL - mix media artist / Artiste plasticien ..... lighting designer, stage manager...

Photography - Installation - Visual Arts / Fine Arts - Video - video installation - stop motion video - Scenography - 3D Design - Book - Performance collaborations - Environmental arts - New medias ..... Lighting Designer.... Set / Stage Designer.... Stage technical manager ..... Ice backliner for Terje Isungset's ice concert....

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Collective Exhibition - Serignan - France.

"Connexe(s)", collective exhibition at Château Vargos, Artist's residences & ateliers, in Serignan, France. July / August 2014

Participation in the collective exhibition, with photo and video works.
Exhibition from July 19th to August 16th 2014
Château Vargos, rue du pont, 34410 Serignan.
Artists: Andres BLUME, Michael KUKLA, Marietta HOFERER, Mohamed LEKLETI, Eric MUTEL.