Festival Barents Spektakel 2010, Kirkenes, Norway

- Set / Stage Design, Installation, Lighting Design - Project Nord Rute - February 2010 -

Set / Stage Design, Installation, Lighting Design - February 2010 -
Festival Barents Spektakel 2010, Kirkenes, Norway. 3rd Feb - 7th Feb 2010

-Collaboration project: Nord Rute, an ambisonic soundscape/music performance, by Ross Adams, Plaid, and Synnøve Persen, within an ice, snow and light labyrinth set/installation by Eric Mutel.
Performance at 5pm, Saturday 6th February 2010, Pavillon Park by Rica Arctic Hotel.
All images, work of arts & Design, Copyright©Ericmutel

Project Nord Rute
Record and sound design: Ross Adams.
Music: Plaid.
Recitation: Synnøve Persen.
Scenography/ light design: Eric Mutel.
Contributors: Klemet Amund Eira, Ánde Somby, Harald Gaski, joiking: Aillos.
Producer: Pikene på Broen.

3D Design view of the preliminary planned stage, by ©Eric Mutel.

coming up some video excerpt of the performance
Documentation Video of part of the performance, on YouTube
Documentation video about the all festival, with few excerpts about the Nord Rute project, on YouTube.
Documentation video by Tomi Knuutila

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The work i was responsible for was the realisation of the Set/Stage design and Lighting Design for the performance.
i realised the 3D design sketches, lead and work with the construction team to build the Set design with snow and ice.
I planned the lighting designed, set it up with the lighting cie, and operated the lights during the performance.

The set design is an adaptation of the Sami labyrinth/maze pattern.
It takes 21m Ø, made with snow walls of 1m high, with ice blocks embedded of 1m to 1m50 high.

Some images of construction.

After the show:

Ice Music Festival 09 - Schnals, Val Senales - Italy

February 2009

Installation, Stage /Set design.
Stage arrangement and assistant for ice instrument making for musician Terje Isungset,
for the Ice Music Festival, happening in Schnals, Val Senales, in Italy ( Sud Tirol).
The Festival is performed in an Ice Dôme that was made by American Artist Tim Linhart,
in 2008, and preserved through out the years, at 3000m altitude.

Performance and festival from 21st February till 1st March.
Performance of Ice concert duo by Terje Isungset together with singer Lena Nymark (myspace of Lena).
Also Glass music concert by Glass Harmonica duo Christa and Gerald Schönfeldinger.

-Installation / frozen image in ice of Ötzi (iceman), and lighting arrangement.
-Assisting Terje Isungset for ice instrument making.
-Frozen logos in ice and more...

Video Extract from concert
Here you can see few low resolution video extract from concerts:
(not very good sound and video quality tough, quick small digital camera.)
video1, QTmovie, 5,3Mb-01'00
video2, QTmovie, 5,3Mb-01'00
video3, QTmovie, 5,3Mb-01'00

News And infos
Short video on YouTube
other Short Video on YouTube

The stage and icedôme space before working inside.