New realisation of a derivative object, yet as a prototype,
between a game and an Art object, in several units, yet, for exhibition.

It will be display, for the first time, at group show exhibition, at Fotografins Hus, (with others large photographic prints) in June 2008, in Stockholm.
Vernissage 12th June.
It is Also for sale, and i am looking for a larger industrial production.

it is a Memory game, using images from the photo based video installation "In Cryo Video"
and its derivative photographic prints for exhibition.

This item is a game about memory with images dealing with loosing memories.

This game is composed of a total of 45 cards/23 différentes images:
-22 pairs of images. (44 cards)
-1 Disturber/ joker, which have no pair & is a single image (1 card)