Generator Ääninapapiiri :

HELSINKI 4.3. – 14.3. 2005

A snow and ice set design / installation for ice music concerts by Terje Isungset (Norway)

Music based on the northern silence, played with ice instruments, photographs frozen into ice, lights reflecting on white snow… magical atmosphere on the field between Sanomatalo and Makasiinit.

  generator Project

Generator Ääninapapiiri (polar sound circle) brings out new views of ice and the arctic elements. The installation contains of a large circle of 24 snow walls 2 meters high and a snow stage at the centre. In the walls are ice windows with cryogenic photographs. These frozen portraits create an atmosphere of the movement of a generator or camera obscura being halted.

Generator Ääninapapiiri is designed by French born photographer / visual artist Eric Mutel. His passion for ice has lead to an invention of a method by which he can print photographs straight on ice. These, and his other frozen art works have been shown previously in France, Sweden and Finland. For past 4 years he has lived in Helsinki.

Experienced ice and snow artist Sakari Rautio coordinated the snow construction of Generator. He is specialised in ice sculpting and large snow structures. In November 2004 the two young men represented Finland in the Polar Rhapsody international ice sculpting festival in Salekhard Russia.

Generator is not only a feast for the eyes, but also one for the ears. It wouldn’t be a sound circle without Terje Isungset, a remarkable Norwegian jazz percussionist. He performs his music with ice instruments the first weekend of March. Isungset, an internationally recognised experimental musician recorded 2001 the first ever CD of ice music, and is on his way to release a second one.



Free tickets:

Friday 4 March: 7pm, 9pm and 11pm
Saturday 5 March: 7pm and 8.30pm
Sunday 6 March: 1pm (for families with children)

Duration of concerts is 30 to 45mins.
Due to safety reasons, access to the site is limited to
130 persons / concert.
  Reserve your free tickets by e-mail before wed 2. March.

Reserved tickets must be collected from the blue office container at the installation site 45 minutes before concerts.

We would like to remind that this is an outdoor event without heating, seats or other facilities. Please wear warm clothes and shoes.

Generator Ääninapapiiri installation will stay on the field and can be visited freely after the concerts from 7.3 until 14.3.2005 (weather permitting).

Generator has been realised in collaboration with Helsinki City Cultural Centre, French Cultural Centre, Norsk-Finsk kulturfond, Helsingin Energia, Finncontainers, Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki Water, Helsinki City Public works department, Areco Finland, Kiasma, the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki.

We would like to thank all our partners and collaborators for their support and help.

Generator is a loose group of people from different walks of culture. In the future our aim is to create an international Generator tour.

Due to changing weather conditions we hold the right to cancel the event or move the concerts to Esplanadi stage.
For updates about the situation, please follow information on Generator webpage: .

For more information, please contact:

Eric Mutel Tel: +358 50 501 45 29 / +33 6 30 28 59 78
E-mail: info *at*

Supported by

City of Helsinki Cultural Office /Helsingin kaupungin kulttuuriasiainkeskus
Centre culturel francais d’Helsinki / Ranskan kulttuurikeskus
Norsk-Finsk kulturfond /Suomalais-norjalainen kuttuurirahasto
Arts Council of Finland / Taiteen Keskustoimikunta
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Follow this link to Heiko Purnhagens pictures from GENERATOR in Helsinki 2005

Film of installation and Concert:

Film 1 - Film 2

Terje Isungset ice Concerts are over now but the installation/ set design will remains on location in Helsinki after the 14.3. You can visit and follow the melting process of the pictures and vanishing process of the all installation through the spring, unless for security reason we are forces to collapsed it.

Generator staff will be glad to receive your comments & feedback about this events and the installation, through the email: generator /at/

we hope, in a very nearer futur, to could provide you, on this site, few films about the melting process of the frozen photographs and the 3 dimensions portrait sculptures in the ice that it result off, and also few music sample from the ice concert.

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