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Here are mainly some links to places, festivals or institutions where i have been and where i have shown my works and also links to people i have been collaborating with or been in touch with.
More yet to come...

Ilze Zirina, Choreographer/dancer. Latvia.
Ilona Jńntti, Circus Artist, Acrobat, Dancer. Finland/UK.
Pirjo Yli-Maunula, Choreographer / dancer. Finland
Franziska Agrawal, Visual Artist, photographer, sculptor, Industrial designer. Germany.
Nicolas Schevin, Visual Artist, Graphic designer. France/Finland
Antonia Ringbom, animator, illustrator, producer. Finland.
Terje Isungset - Musician / Percussionist / jazz / ice music.... Norway.
Manuela Morgaine - Theatre director / writer / artist / Filmmaker... France.
Claudia Kappl - Artist / lighting designer / architecture lighting.... Austria/USA.
Kimmo Pohjonen - Musician / accordeon / sound artist and More.... Finland.
CÚcile Charrier - Installation Artist / Plasticienne (Fr), Writter, Art Therapist, Painter.... France
Plaid, Duo electronic. UK.
Franco Ross Adams, Sound recording artist. UK.
Camille Mutel. - Choreographer, Performer, Dancer, director of Li Luo Dance Cie, France.

Graphic Designers
SanPan, France
el-sphere, Finland.

Festivals / Exhibitions Places
Aave Festival, alternative audio visual events, Helsinki, Finland.
Dance Film Festival Loikka, Helsinki, Finland.
Short film festival Kinos12, Lahti, Finland
Festival Traverse Video, Toulouse, France.
Hovden Snow and Ice sculpture Festival, Hovden, Norway.
Cartes Flux Festival, CARTES, Espoo, Finland.
CARTES, centre of Art and Technology Espoo, Weegee House, Espoo, Finland.
Hanko Theatre Festival, Hang÷ teatertrńff, Hanko, Finland.
NOASS culture center, Riga, Latvia.
Festival Time to Dance, Laiks Dejot, Riga, Latvia.
ArtFair Suomi, Helsinki, Finland.
Saatchi Online, web art gallery (Eric Mutel page on Saatchi Online)
Ice Music Festival, Schnals, Italy
DanseFestival Barents, Hammerfest, Norway
Centre Culturel SuÚdois, Paris, France
Fotografins Hus, Stockholm, Sweden
Konstnńrhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
Rencontres d'Arles, Arles, France
IceFestival, Geilo, Norway
Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes, Norway
Body Navigation, International festival of contemporary arts, St-Petersbourg, Russia
Panorama7, Le Fresnoy, France.
Brygger J.C. Jacobsens PortrŠtpris, Denmark.
Temps d'Images 2006, Marne-la-vallÚe, France

Film Festival
Lens Politica, Helsinki, Finland.
Animatricks, Helsinki, Finland.
HAFF, Helsinki African Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland
LOIKKA, Dance Film and video Festival, Helsinki, Finland.
Cinemaissi, Latin American film festival, Helsinki, Finland.
HIFF, Helsinki International Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland.
Espoo Cine International Film Festival, Espoo, Finland.

Studios / Collaborations / Arts University...
Kungliga Konsth÷gskolan, Stockholm, Sweden
Le Fresnoy, Studio national, Tourcoing, France
TAIK, University of Art & Design Helsinki, Finland
KUVA, Academy of fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland

Cultural Institutions - Organisations
Institut Franšais, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Centre Culurel Franšais, Riga, Latvia.
Franska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
Pikene pň broen, Kirkenes, Norway.
Institut Franšais , Helsinki, Finland.

Museum - Theatre - Gallery
Universum, Helsinki, Finland.
XL Art Space, Helsinki, Finland.
Jojo, Oulu dance center, Oulu, Finland.
Stoa Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
Kulttuuritalo Valve, Oulu, Finland
Magic ice, Istanbul, Turkey.
Viirus Teatern, Helsinki, Finland.
Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland.
Frederiksborg Museum, Hiller°d, Denmark.
Muu gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
Hippolyte photo gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

Dance Cie, Theatre Cie
Danspoolen cie, Piteň, Sweden
Olga Zitluhina Dance Cie, Riga, Latvia.
Stellaris DansTeater, Hammerfest, Norway.
Flow productions, Oulu, Finland.
Dance in Latvia, Riga, Latvia.
Dance Cie Li Luo, Nancy, France.

Culture Grants - Stipends
Arts Council of Finland, Helsinki, Finland.
KulturKontakt Nord, Helsinki, Finland.
Helsinki City Culture Center, Helsinki, Finland.