Mouvement Temporel

Video installation. Mouvement temporel. 2012

Video installation.
3 screens video projection OR 1 screen video projection ( with 3 frames inside)
3 simultaenous video sequences, looped, non-synchronized.

Photos, still from video.


Video installation, Variation. 2012.

Premiered during Aave Festival, in solo show at XL Art Space, in April 2012.
Variation is a video installation with 7 small 9" digital photo frame / screen.
Each frame showing one video sequence taken out of an earlier video work on process of melting of frozen images into ice.
It shows decomposition of a frozen images/portrait in ice.
Videos are looped and not synchronized with each other.
The fact that the videos are single displayed in each different frame give more time for the viewer to experience it and give more space and relation / connection between the different videos.

Photos by Eric Mutel