NOW and COMING UP! -2018 - 2019.

-Dec 2018 / Jan 2019:
Lighting design, Ice instrument for Terje Isungset Ice music Concert.
29 December 2018 and 1st January 2019, Pontresina, Switzerland.

-January 2019
Ice and photo installation, Lighting design and ice instrument for Terje Ice music concerts.
Festival Out of the Box, Whitebox, Munich, Germany.

Since 1st January 2018, Stage manager for Cie Yan Duyvendak, Geneva, Switzerland.


August 2014 - January 2017
Technical director / lighting designer, Théâtre du Grütli, Geneva, Switzerland.

2017, Done
-March 2017:
Festival Traverse Video, Toulouse, France.
Participation in the festival with Video installation "Mykkä / Mute".
Exhibition from 8th to 31st March, Espace Croix Baragnon, Toulouse.

2016, Done!:
- February 2016:
Lighting design, ice instrument, ice concerts of Terje Isungset, AntiFestival, Kuopio, Finland.

2015, Done!:
-January 2015.
Installation, light and ice, Luz Saint-Sauveur, Pyrénées, France.

-February 2015
lighting design, ice instrument, ice concerts of Terje Isungset, Pyrénées, France.

-February 2015
lighting design, ice instrument, ice concerts of Terje Isungset, Mikkeli, Finland.

2014 Done!

-Decembre 2014.
Exhibition, photo & video, at Maison de la vallée,
65120 Luz saint Sauveur, Pyrénées, France.
Exhibition 20.12.2014 - 02.02.2015

-Decembre 2014.
Installation (Ice, frozen photo, light), Cauterets Pont d'Espagne, Pyrénées, France.
Installation Opening on 29th Decembre. Visible until it melt.

-July/August 2014
Group Exhibition, Artist's Ateliers Chateau Vargos, Serignan, France.
Participation in group exhibition, at the Ateliers d'artistes Château Vargos, in Serignan, France.
Artistes Château Vargoz Serignan

-July 2014.
International straw and hay sculpture festival, Valloire, France.

-April 2014.
Lighting design for Children theatre play "Framför mina tår ligger världen",
directed by Katja Kröhn,
produced by Theatre Mars,
created and performed at Universum theatre, Helsinki, Finland, 2014.

-February 2014
ice instrument making and backliner, lighting design, for ice concert of Terje Isungset.
6th, Kautokeino, Norway
9th, Kirovsk, Russia

-January 2014
ice instrument making and backliner, lighting design, for ice concert of Terje Isungset, small Tour in Pyrénées, France.
24th, Cauterets
25th, Luz-Saint-Sauveur
26th, Gavarnie

2013 Done !
-Octobre 2013
Lighting design for Theatre play "Troja Mutanens hjärtbesvär",
directed by Joakim Groth,
produced by theater Mars,
created and performed at Universum teatteri, Helsinki, Finland, 2013.

-Septembre 2013.
Art Fair Suomi 2013, Cable Factory, Helsinki. 27.9 - 6.10.2013 Showing several video works.

-Since August 2013:
Technical manager / lighting designer,
at Universum Theatre house, Betania house, Helsinki, Finland.
(Universum is a collectif of 4 theater group)

-February / March / April 2013.
Lighting design for theatre play, "A good Sign", "Drömtid, Ritualli", new Max Bremer's theatre play, Venus theatre / and technical manager at Universum Theatre, Helsinki, Finland.
Trance-masque performance.
Premiere 22.3.2013 at 19.00.
Performances 25.3 - 29.4.2013, at 19.00.
Workgroup: Max Bremer, Paul Holländer, Sam Huber, Paula Koivunen, Eric Mutel, Åsa Nybo, Timo Turpeinen
Universum Info.
Universum performance calendar..
Universum Facebook page..
The play "A Good Sign" received the 2013 Årets Antonia Award, at Hanko Theatre Festival, Finland.

-February 2013.
ice sculpture festival, Jelgava, Latvia.
3rd-9th Feb.

-January 2013.
Assisting on snow sculpture's project of Franziska Agrawal, Chicago, USA.
22nd - 28th January.

-January 2013.
Valloire ice sculpting festival, Installation / fresco.
14th -19th January

-January 2013.
Assistant and collaboration, ice instrument and lighting design, on Ice music concert of Terje Isungset.
Perm, Russia, 4th, 5th January.
Arkhangelsk, Russia, 7th January.
Bludenz, Austria, 18th January.

2012 Done !
-Decembre 2012.
Collaboration on Titta Court's Project, frozen clothes / dance - performance / sound / installation.
Tornio /Haparanda, 31st Decembre.

-Decembre 2012.
Assisting on snow sculpture's project of Franziska Agrawal, Pontresina, Switzerland. 15th -22nd Dec

-Novembre 2012.
"Border line"
Site-specific Dance / Performance and Visual Arts Project. Helsinki. Finland.
Solo dance performance with frozen clothes.
Performance: 1.11 / 2.11 / 3.11.2012, at 19.00.
Concept / Artist: Eric Mutel
Performer / Dancer: Ilze Zirina.
Producer: Katarina Pada.

-Octobre 2012.
Exhibition " Les Lumières Latentes", Riga, Latvia.
Exhibition at NOASS, from Octobre 11th to Novembre 2nd, 2012.
Opening on Octobre 11th. NOASS, Riga, Latvia.

-Septembre 2012.
Lighting design for cine concert by Das Kapital, "On foreign Soil", during Helsinki film festival, Orion cinema, Helsinki, Finland.
Cine concert on Monday 24th Septembre 2012.

-Septembre 2012.
Exhibition "Les lumières latentes", photos and videos, Klaipèda, Lithuania.
Exhibition at Klaipèda's city library. From 4th to 28th Septembre 2012.

-August 2012
Exhibition "Les lumières latentes", photos and videos, Palanga, Lithuania.
Exhibition at Palanga's city library, (Palanga Biblioteka, Vytauto g. 61) from 7th to 31st August.
Opening on 10th August, at 4pm.

-August 2012.
Dance / performance collaboration project, "Twisting Subzero" with Danspoolen Cie, Piteå, Sweden.
Dance /visual arts, frozen coats,
Performance on 4th August 2012.
project is also receiving support from KulturKontakt Nord, mobility funding program.

-July/ August 2012.
Video "Warm up" and Video "Mykkä" selected in Videoholica Video Art Festival, Varna, Bulgaria.
Festival take place from July 30th to August 3rd, 2012.

-July 2012.
Straw and Hay sculpting competition, Valloire, France.
Festival from 17th to 22nd July.

-June 2012
Video "Warm up" selected in Wallpaper Dance Film Festival 2012, Trieste, Italy.
International video-exhibition of videodance. third edition 13th - 30th of june 2012.
foyer of Teatro Lirico "Giuseppe Verdi", Piazza Giuseppe Verdi - Trieste (Italy).
visits: 16th, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th of june: from 10.00 to 13.00.
all the other days: from 16.00 to 19.30.
free entrance

-June 2012.
Photo and video works exhibition, "Les lumières latentes", at French Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Opening on 14th June.
Exhibition from 14th June to 14th July.
French Institute Vilnius, Didžioji g. 1, LT-01128 Vilnius, Lithuania.

-May / July 2012.
Participation in Digital Stage Short Screening Competition 2012. Nottingham, UK.
video "Mykkä/Mute" selected in programmation of exhibiton "The way forward"
Screening & exhibition organized by The Cutting Room, at Nottingham Play House, Nottingham, UK, from 23rd May to 10th July

-May 2012.
Participation in Athens Video Art Festival 2012.
Video installation work "Mykkä / Mute" selected in the programmation.
Festival is held from 18th to 20th May 2012, in Athens, Greece.

-April 2012.
Aave Festival, Helsinki, Finland.
Exhibition of Video Works at XL Art Space, from 10th to 28th April 2012.
Opening on Wednesday April 11th, from 17.00, at XL art space, Vuorikatu 22, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.
Exhibition opening hours: Mon–Fri 12–20, Sat 12–18. / Avoinna ma–pe klo 12–20, la klo 12–18.
Aave Festival from 12th to 15th April 2012, at Malmitalo.
ArtHOP will drop by XL art space on Sat 14.4, at 15.00. artHOP – socially engaged hopping between places

-March 2012.
Short Film Festival Kinos 12, 30.3.-1.4.2012, Lahti, Finland.
"Mykkä / Mute" selected for screening on session3, Saturday 31.3, at 15.30.

-March 2012
Dance Film Festival Loikka, Helsinki, Finland.
Video "Warm up" selected in multimedia program.
Screening multimedia program, Thursday 23.3 at 18.00 and Friday 24.3 at 22.00, free entrance, in Dubrovnik.
Festival from 22nd to 25th March 2012. at Andorra / Dubrovnik cultural centre, Helsinki.

-March 2012
Festival Traverse Video.
showing Video Installation "Mykkä / Mute", and exhibition of some photographs
at Centre culturel Bellegarde, Toulouse, France.
Festival from 7th to 24th March 2012.

-February 2012.
-workshop of frozen clothes and stop motion video at video/film school for youth, Valve, Oulu, Finland.
-lighting design and assisting for ice instrument for Terje ice music concert in Oulu. Concert on 24th & 25th February.Oulu Music Festival
-Participating in the circus and dance project Svartisen in Valve Culture center, Oulu, Finland. Shows from 1st to 4th March

-February 2012.
Assisting Franziska Agrawal project, ice and snow sculpture festival, Saint Jean Port Joli, Canada. Fête d'Hiver.

-February 2012.
assisting for ice instruments, Terje Isungset ice concert for World Design Capital Helsinki's opening gala, 2nd February 2012, Lahti, Finland.

-January 2012.
Project selected at ice and snow sculpture festival, Valloire, France. Ice sculpture, 1st Prize & Artist Prize 2012.

2011 Done !
-November 2011.
Lighting Design for Theatre play "Closer", by Helsinki Fringe Theatre company.
Premiere at Luckan, in Helsinki, Finland, on 19th Novembre. Info here. or an other here
Some images here

-November 2011.
Lighting design for Swedish speaking Theatre play:
Oscar och den Rosa Damen, from Text of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (Oscar et la dame rose).
Direction: Kristin Olsoni.
Actor: Anneli Mäkelä
Lighting Design: Eric Mutel
Producer: Ona Ukkola
At Svenska Teatern, Den Lilla Skillnaden, Skillnadsgatan 5, in Helsinki, Finland.
Performance on 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th and 11th Novembre, at 19.00
Images here

-November 9th, 2011.
Lighting Design, Marianergraven choir concert, Oratorio, at 19.30, in St. John's Church, in Helsinki, Finland.
(Johanneksenkirkko, Johanneskyrkan), Korkeavuorenkatu 12, Helsinki.
Free entrance
Marianergraven (The Mariana Trench)
Text: Tua Forsström - Music: Kaj Chydenius - Minna Nyberg, soprano - Pasi Vuoti, baritone - Marie Busck-Nielsen, recital - Tomas vokalensemble - Anna Maria Böckerman, harpsichord - String quartet - Dag-Ulrik Almqvist, conductor - Eric Mutel, lighting -
Some images here

-Novembre 9th, 2011.
Video "MYKKÄ / MUTE" and some Photographs will be shown in Underground Ark Events, at 45 Special, in Oulu, Finland.

-October 2011.
Video "MYKKÄ / MUTE" selected in competition program "Experimental Films" of the 9th International Animated Film Festival TINDIRINDIS 2011.
Festival will be held on October 24-30, in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Video "MYKKÄ / MUTE" is a project by Eric Mutel & Laura Murtomaa ( also shown sometime as an Installation / Performance ).
more info about exact date later.

-October 2011.
Video "MYKKÄ / MUTE" will be shown, in exhibition side program, during Animatricks, Animation film Festival, in Andorra, Helsinki, Finland.
You can watch the video during the all time of festival, on the screen in the lobby of Andorra / Dubrovnik, from 13th to 16th Octobre 2011.

-October 2011.
Video "Warm up" will be shown during the Hip Hop Festival, Waga hip hop, in Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso, Africa.
Festival take place from 12th to 17th October 2011.

-September 2011.
Video Festival Waterpieces, 8th - 10th Septembre.
Videos "MYKKÄ / MUTE", "2 X IS " and "Warm up" will be shown in exhibition during Waterpieces video festival, on “Betanovuss” Floating Arts Centre, NOASS, Riga, Latvia.
-April / Mai 2011.
Giving photographic workshop.
Ecoles Française Jules Verne, Helsinki, Finland.
some info coming on this website.

-March - April 2011.
Collaboration on Pirjo Yli-Maunula's circus/dance project Svartisen (Black Ice).
Participation with Visual arts works as frozen clothes for dance and performance
Project with dance, circus, visual arts, music -
Premiere on 30th March, 19:00, at Valvesali, in Oulu, Finland.
Performance on 1, 2, 3, 7, 9 April, 19:00 - 8 April at 14:00, Valvesali, Oulu
Some Info in Here
Some info on Culture House Valve website.

Demo, excerpt video from show, on Vimeo site of Flow production.

-March 2011.
Individual Exhibition, photo & Video, in collaboration with Institut Français in Helsinki (French Institut), Finland.
''Lumières Latentes" (Latent Lights)
Exhibition at 2 different sites and different dates:
3rd to 26th March, Gallery Käytävä, in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland (beside the French Institut office).
10th to 26th March, Stoa Gallery, STOA itäkeskus cultural centre, Helsinki, Finland.
More info later.

-February 2011.
Selected for ”Edvard Munch in Snow and Ice” during Oslo 2011, Fis Nordic world ski championships.
Opening exhibition on 23rd February 2011.
Ice, snow, frozen photo, light - installation.
More info and photo in Here

-February - March 2011.
Participation in collective exhibition (1 photo).
Den Brygger Jacobsens nordiske portrætudstilling
The Brewer Jacobsen’s Nordic Portrait Exhibition.
Exhibition from 11.2 to 27.3.
Mikkeli Art Museum, Mikkeli, Finland.
Touring exhibition, in Nordic countries, from Spring 2010 to Autumn 2011

-January 2011.
Hovden Festival of ice and snow sculpture, Hovden, Norway.
Opening on 29th January
Ice, snow, frozen photo, light - installation.
More info and photo in Here

-January 2011.
Collaboration on Performance by choreographer /dancer and artist of the year, Pirjo Yli-Maunula, and circus performer Ilona Jäntti.
Outdoor performance, side preparation project of coming production Svartisen.
Thursday 20th, 15:00, Rotuaari square, Oulu, Finland.
Dance, Frozen clothes, music.
Some news on Yle

-Previous years, see CV.