Warm up

Stop-motion video animation, with frozen coats. 2011

Video. 2011.

"Warm up" is a stop-motion video animation, realized by Eric Mutel.
It has been recorded on the occasion (and could be made thanks to it) of the creation project Svartisen, dance/acrobatics performance, by Pirjo Yli-Maunula and Ilona Jäntti, in Oulu, Finland, 2011.

You can watch the short video in HD on Vimeo.
Or as a low Resolution on the site link Here.

Photos by Eric Mutel.

During a dance rehearsal, 2 frozen coats got into unexpected movements.

Format: PAL (will be available NTSC as well)
Ratio: HD , 16/9
Data video: HD, 1280 x 720, .mov
(can be available for 2K at least)
Duration: 01min05s.
Sound: 2 channels, L/R

Frozen coats, realization, stop-motion, editing, sound arrangements by Eric Mutel.

Eric Mutel started to develop photo works and installation with frozen coats in 1997, and more recently, since 2004 has developed further this work for performance/dance performance, stage design/installation and for stop-motion video.
Frozen coats took part recently in the new production "Svartisen", circus and dance performance, project by Flow Productions, Pirjo Yli-Maunula, premiered in Oulu, in March 2011.

This video was shot during the production of "SVARTISEN", dance and circus performance, project by Flow Productions, Pirjo Yli-Maunula. Oulu, Finland, 2011.
The video was shot on the Svartisen's project's stage, using the set design of the show in the background and a part of lighting design of the show.


Thanks to freesound.org

Video has be shown at / in:
-Videoholica International Video Art Festival 2012, Varna, Bulgaria.
-Wallpaper Dance Film Festival 2012, Trieste, Italy.
-Loikka Dance film festival 2012, Helsinki, Finland.
-Hip hop Festival, waga hip hop 2011, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
-Waterpieces video festival 2011, NOASS, Riga, Latvia.

copyright © Eric Mutel 2011

Standby Move

Short Stop-Motion Video animation.

Standby Move
Short Test Stop-Motion video animation, low resolution at the moment.
Looped. QT, 2sec - 240KB
Made from images by images (photo), from installation with frozen clothes and lighting.
Site specific installation, and photographs works.
In Helsinki, 2003.

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