Project "Edvard Munch in Snow and Ice", Oslo2011, Oslo, Norway

Sculpture / Installation with ice, snow, frozen photographs, light, based on the painting "Golgotha" by Edvard Munch.

Planned design


- Participation in the Project "Edvard Munch in Snow and Ice", happening for Oslo2011, ski-VM2011, FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Oslo, Norway.
Installation / sculpture / space, made with snow, ice, frozen photograph, light.
Sculpture made possible with help of assistants: Erik Lindland, Raik Raupach.

Project was display on Karl Johans gate, in Oslo.
Exhibition opened on 23rd February 2011, ongoing till 6th March 2011.

Work is based on the painting "Golgotha", (Golgata in Norwegian), made in 1900 by Edvard Munch.

More about the Design:


The base is about 5m Ø, total installation is about 4m high, with a central pillar of 3m high over snow base.
About 45 blocks of ice of 100cm x 50cm x 25cm were used. 5500kg.
Frozen photographs are special technic of liquid emulsion prints frozen in ice.

A video, made by Raik Raupach, and posted on youtube, about the work.

All photos by Eric Mutel

Latent, Suite 301 - Icehotel - Sweden

Dec 2003 - April 2004. Installation.

Installation as a Suite/room at the Icehotel, in Sweden.
Room of 8m x 4,5m x 4,5m.
3 tonnes of ice, frozen liquid emulsion photo prints, lot of m3 of snow, LED lights.

See Video Sample, Short Extract from The film Icehotel made by Discovery Channel, 2004.

View panoramic of the Suite 301. multiple images panoramic. view from entrance.

Sketches view of the planned Installation, before change during realisation.

View from the bed side, end of room.

View of the back room lying pictures.

Sketches view of the planned installation, before change during realisation