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Eric Mutel's short bio

French born in 1973, Eric Mutel has been studying visual arts at University, Master degree level, and photography, in Paris, in France. He is currently living and working in Finland.

Since 10 years, besides parallel professional works experiences in live stage events and in general within culture, he developped his own personal arts projects, which relate to fields such as photography, visual art installation, environmental arts, set/stage design, video, sculpture, architecture, performances…
A lot of his latest works, based on photographic and images approach, used to involve ice, snow, light, nature, landscape and images/photos/videos…
He also started collaboration works in performances with dancer and musician.
He’s been regulary sharing his time between France and Nordic countries as several years in Helsinki, in Finland.
In 2006, he realised a new video installation project, within the research and residencies program at Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains, in France.
Followed 2006/2007, he worked on new development and experiment for new projects within the Artist’s projects program at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm, KKH, Sweden.
He was nominated for the Discovery Awards Exhibition 2007 at the Rencontres de la Photographie Festival, in Arles, France, where he also realeased a first edition of flipbook.

Besides variation of previous collaborations, works, exhibitions, he is currently looking for development of new projects - including new media / technologies, dance, video, images.
Eventough his background is into photography, and therefore influenced by it, his practise and approach are more of an installation artist, which invite and mix others mediums, medias, and arts fields.
He is focusing on projects mixing and bridging visual arts and live stage events / performances, with interest to experiment with new technologies and new medias, towards the use and perception of images, body, movement…