Collaboration Project with visual arts / installation, of frozen clothes, for dance/performance.
The project is a work in progress, small version of project "Border Line".
DanseFestival Barents . 18-22 November 2009, Hammerfest, Norway.
-Presentation of 2 different performances
-Work on Stop Motion Video Animation with frozen clothes and Video with frozen clothes and dance.

Project by: Visual Artist Eric Mutel, together with
-Dancer/Performer, Choregrapher and Butoh Dancer Camille Mutel.
-Percusionist and Musician Sverre Gjørvad, (Mufi, Music in Finnmark).

Wednesday 18th November, Pre-opening performance of Festival.
On Frysa, Outdoor stage of Arktisk Kultursenter.
-Visual arts, Frozen clothes and light by Eric Mutel.
-Dance/performance with frozen clothes by Camille Mutel.

Saturday 21st November, Performance.
On Frysa, Outdoor stage of Arkstisk Kultursenter.
-Visual arts, Frozen clothes - light - video - performance by Eric Mutel.
-Dance/performance with frozen clothes by Camille Mutel.
-Sound / Music by Sverre Gjørvad.

3D Design view of the preliminary planned stage, by ©Eric Mutel.

Rehearsals in -22 degrees Celsius.
Images from rehearsals inside the freezing warehouse, by minus 22°Celsius.
I think we have made a World Record of Dance rehearsals, Stop-motion Video making
and Workshop by -22° Celsius Atmosphere !
According to the dancer, it is surprisingly very good for dancing.

We also gave a Workshop to youth / teenagers from local school,
on frozen clothes making, approach of Dance/performance,
and Stop motion video animation with frozen clothes and dance.

Stop-Motion Video Animation
We also worked on some Stop-Motion Video animation with frozen clothes,
and video with dance/performance and frozen clothes with Camille Mutel.
Just few images from the work-in-progress:

The Final destruction of the frozen clothes:

This project received support from:
-The Arts Council of Finland
-KulturKontakt Nord (Nordic-Baltic mobility programm, culture).
-The Arts council of Norway, for the workshop sessions.