I got to do the lighting design for the theatre play " A good sign", directed by Max Bremer and produce by Theatre Venus, created and performed at Universum theatre, Helsinki, 2013. Together with the lighting design i could or needed to create little part of scenography to could implement some of the lighting fixtures.

The play was performed throughout March and April 2013, at Universum theatre, in Helsinki. I was also stage manager during that period of the play. I also runned the lights during the 13 shows we had.

The theatre play " A good sign" received recently, on 8th June 2013, the Årets 2013 Antonia Award / Prize, at the Hanko theatre festival, Finland.

Ohjaus / Regi / direction: Max Bremer
Lavalla / På scen / on stage: Åsa Nybo, Paul Holländer, Sam Huber, Max Bremer
Valosuunnittelu / Ljusdesign / light design & stage manager: Eric Mutel
Äänisuunnittelu / Ljudplanering / Sound design: Max Bremer, Sam Huber, Timo Turpeinen
Lavastus ja puvut / Scenografi och kläder / Sets and costume: Paula Koivunen

All photos by Eric Mutel.