In Cryo Video - Side#

Video Installation - 2006.

Video installation in 3 variations, #1, #2, #3. Looped.
Sound and images, media on DVD or Beta Sp.
Vertical presentation, rotation 90° counter Clockwise, LCD Screen or Projection.

Side project from In Cryo Video. Made and mastered in Stockholm, Sweden.

View, Side#1 , 2'54" - 6,4Mb
View, Side#2 , 4'51" - 22,7Mb.
View, Side#3 , 9'45" - 47,7Mb.

Sample excerpt from video

In Cryo Video

Video Installation. 2006

Video Installation, in 3D relief viewing. 2006
3 videos looped, 38min, 32min, 25min. (high resolution video)
3 LCD screens 20", 3 computers.
Dark space (cubic or eliptic, subject to change, 6m x 4,5m x 3m)

Realised partly in France and in Sweden.
Produced through the artist program at Le Fresnoy,
Studio national des Arts contemporains, Tourcoing, France.
1st presentation at exhibition Panorama7

View in situ from video installation. ©EricMutel.

Video Samples (QT):
Demo in situ 07'15 - 25,3Mb (shot during exhibition Panorama7)
Sample in 3D 01'19 - 4,8Mb
Extra 00'02 looped - 2,4Mb
Screen 1, Extract sample in 2D, QTime video, 01'17 - 26,5Mb
Screen 2, Extract sample in 2D, QTime video, 00'31 - 21Mb
Screen 3, Extract sample in 2D, QTime video, 02'44 - 48,9Mb

View in situ from video installation. ©EricMutel.

Extract 3D images from Video Installation. ©EricMutel.

Info & Technical details (subject to change for adaptation)
Info In Cryo Video , in English. (PDF download).
Info In Cryo Video , en Français. (téléchargement PDF).
Technical data sheets (PDF download)

Technic map
Plan view (PDF download)
Cables view (PDF download)
Side View (PDF download)

Project produced by:
Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains.
Tourcoing, France.

Project Supported by:
-French Embassy in Sweden, French cultural insitute in Stockholm.
-Interactive Institute, Studio Q-Life, Umeå, Sweden.
-Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.