An Installation / Set Design / Lighting Design and SoundScape project,
for Performance / Ice concert by Terje Isungset.
Happend in Downtown Helsinki in February / March 2005.

Organised, produced, realised by Eric MUTEL, with collaboration of working team.
Set design, Lighting design by Eric Mutel

More about it, Follow this link to webpage: Generator
Press reviews by Reuters

Short QT gallerie:
-Generator Construction, 2'17" - 4,5Mb
-Generator happening, 2'20" - 5,4Mb
-Generator Fin, 2'05" - 5,1Mb
-Generator Web cam, 11'08" - 79,3Mb

Animation 3D, in Flash, made by Sanpan

After concerts performances period,
the left installation/space, (ice, snow, frozen photo) was on display for about a month,
changing slowly, until it collapsed and melted away.
(seems also that some fox helped it out to collapse).

Here some images of the beauty, ruins, of the end of it.