ID Concession

Installation - August 2001, TAIK, Helsinki, Finland.

Installation in front of TAIK (University of Art & Design), in Helsinki.
For opening of IMPACT, 2nd International Printmaking Conference.

It was made with 2 big blocks of ice, each containing 3 identicals frozen liquid emulsion photo prints, in several smaller ice blocks.
Every image were changing and morphing differently during the melting process. it took 3 days for the 2 blocks to vanish.


Photo taken by....somebody from TAIK.

Cryo Monuments

Installation - August 2001

Installation, august 2001. Cryo Monuments.
10e Anniversary of Itämerikeskus, Kellokoski, Finland.

ice, frozen photos, several iceblokcs, variable dimension.

View of part of the installation.