Exhibitions, Les lumières latentes (The latent lights)

Käytävä Gallery & Stoa Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. March 2011.

Individuals Exhibitions, photo & Video, in collaboration with Institut Français in Helsinki (French Institut), Finland.
''Les Lumières Latentes" (The latent lights)
Exhibitions at 2 different sites and different dates:
-3rd to 26th March, Gallery Käytävä, in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland (beside the French Institut office).
-10th to 26th March, Stoa Gallery, STOA itäkeskus cultural centre, Helsinki, Finland.

Photos by Eric Mutel.

2 x IS

Video work, variation project and display, remix from video “IS”. 2011.

Video. 2011.

2 X IS is a video work, variation project, remix of the video "IS".
The video "IS" (ice in Swedish) was made in 1996 and re-edited for digital purpose in 2006.
It has now been remix, with the same video twice, in a 2 frame video screen, with a slight delay between the 2 video frame.
This is multiplying the sound track, with a small delay, speeding up the ryhtm, since the sound is repeated just few seconds after first bit and overlapping first track.

You can watch 2 x IS in HD on Vimeo.
Or in a low resolution at the site link Here.

Photos by Eric Mutel.

HD Video. 2011.
duration: 9min09s
Format: PAL (will be available NTSC as well)
Ratio: HD , 16/9 letterbox ( 1:2,5)
Data video: HD (1440 x 576)
Sound: 2 channels, L/R

Video “IS” is a short experimental film.
1998. re-mastered 2006.
"IS "(Swedish word for ice).
"Cryogenic memory concession, Expired".
IS was shot on Super8.
Telecinema and edited/mastered on Video.
Re-Mastered Digital in 2006-
Media on DVD, or Beta SP and data file.
PAL, ratio 4/3, 720 x 576.
Sound and image, Swedish language, Subtitled English.
Duration 8'30".

Artist/Realisation: Eric Mutel
re-edit & remix sound arrangement 2011: Eric Mutel
Voice: Nadja Widell
Sound track: Loïc Fréjaville
Video editing 1996 version: Wassila Kaïlali

Video has been shown at/in:
- Aave Festival, Helsinki, Finland.
Exhibition of Video Works at XL art space, from 10th to 22nd April 2012.
-Waterpieces video Festival 2011, NOASS, Riga, Latvia.
-Eric Mutel Exhibition, Käytävä gallery & Stoa Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. 2011.