"IS" - Cryogenic memory concession - Expired

Video, Short experimental film. 1998, re-mastered 2006.

"IS "(swedish word for ice).
"Cryogenic memory concession, Expired".

Short experimental film, made in 1998, on Super8.
Telecinema and edited/mastered on Video.
Re-Mastered Digital in 2006- Media on DVD, or Beta Sp.
Sound and image, swedish language, Subtitled English.
Duration 8'30".

View compressed Video "IS" , 8'30" - 22,1Mb
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Samples images extract from video.

Light Eye. 1997

Lighting experiment / object / projection

Light image projection from Dichroic lamps through lenses.
-Par 36, Dichroic bulb, Lenses
Unique sample.

Used in Exhibition, as projection on walls, different angles,
and for color photographic print