-Participation at the Festival Time to Dance, Laiks Dejot (in Latvian), in Riga, Latvia.
Festival from 4th to 7th June 2010, Riga.
Performance at Daile Theater and NOASS Culture Center.

Visual Arts & Performance/Dance Collaboration Project.
Work in progress version of "Border Line" Project.
Collaboration With Olga Zitluhina Dance Companie, Latvian dancers,
and The Association of the Professional dance choreographers in Latvia (HA).

Some video excerpts coming soon
All photos by ©EricMutel, except mentioned otherwise.

Frozen clothes stored in Freezing Truck


A video excerpt from (maybe Russian Web TV), in general about the festival and partly showing rehearsal, on YouTube link

Friday 4th June:
-Work in progress version of "Border Line" project, NOASS culture center, with dancers from Latvia.
Co-direction Olga Zitluhina and Eric Mutel
Visuals Arts / frozen clothes, video, lighting: Eric Mutel
Choreography: Olga Zitluhina and dancers/performers.
Dancer/Performer - improvisation: Ilze Zirina, Ramona Galkina, Santa Grinfelde , Guntis Spridzans,

Saturday 5th June:
-Impro with Frozen clothes. Dancer/performer: Ruta Nordmane (Latvia), Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia).
frozen clothes: Eric Mutel
NOASS culture center.
Images coming soon.

Sunday 6th June:
-Impro by Ilze Zirina, with wet clothes!
-work in progress collaboration, impro, live stop-motion experiments with frozen clothes and dancer.
Idea, photographer/lighting, frozen clothes: Eric Mutel
dancer: Ilze Zirina
Participation/presence of the audience.
NOASS culture center.

Photo by Ivars Puke

Photo by Ivars Puke

During the festival, I could work on few more videos experimentation's, melting process of frozen clothes, and stop-motion with frozen clothes.
Some excerpts video coming later!

The Project and participation in the festival have been supported by:
-KulturKontakt Nord, Nordic Baltic Mobility Programme.
-French Cultural Center in Riga, Latvia.
-Dance in Latvia: Festival Time to Dance (Laiks Dejot), Olga Zitluhina Dance Cie, The Association of the Professional dance Choreographers in Latvia (HA)
-NOASS Culture Center in Riga, Latvia.

The poster of the festival (with an image - colored manipulated - of frozen clothes from an former video work of mine).