Mykkä ( Hetki jään sisällä) - Single Video version

Video DVD version . 2010.

Video. 2010

Mykkä was a project at first for live video and sound installation.
It is also made to be shown as a normal video projection, in cinema theatre or on HD TV, from DVD, BluRay, HD file, DCP.

Photo by Eric Mutel.

Mykkä ( Hetki jään sisällä) - Mute ( A moment in ice)

Performative / live video and sound Installation. 2010

Mykkä is a project by Laura Murtomaa and Eric Mutel.
Video & sound. 2010
Sound start at 1min49s and stop at 10min41s.
You can watch Video in HD on Vimeo.
Or lower resolution on site link here.
You can watch a short video View in situ of the live presentation during CARTES FLUX Festival in Helsinki, in Octobre 2010.

Mykkä has been presented live during Cartes Flux Festival, in CARTES, in Espoo, Finland, in Octobre 2010.
Mykkä has been and wish to be presented as a sort of performative / live video and sound installation, since the audience is asked to experience it with a start and end, and in a specific sound environment.
The sound level will be set in purpose very loud or too loud, so that the audience is then invited to wear noise breaker headset from start to end.

Photo by Eric Mutel.

Photographs are printed on liquid emulsion, frozen into ice blocks. They get destroyed by melting process. In result, time lapse video of the process are created, and edited for a dialogue in a triptych screen.
MUTE has been first presented at Cartes Flux Festival 2010, in Octobre 2010, in Espoo, Finland, as a performance (original as large HD 1 screen video projection, sound system and sub bass, noise breaker, ice, light), which combines Mutel’s ice videos with Murtomaa’s music.
The work enables the audience to spend a moment inside ice.
The audience is asked to wear noise breaker.
(the work can also be shown as a video single projection on screen, but better as a data HD video). This works is also based on and is a variation from video installation “In Cryo Video” (3D relief- 3 screen -2006)

Video & sound. 2010.
Variation display from original live performance.
Version theatre or video preview, Large HD video.
projection, 1 video projector Or 1 HD screen.
Format: PAL (will be available NTSC as well)
Ratio: HD , 16/9 letterbox ( 1:2,25)
Data video: HD (1440 x 640)
(can be available for 2K at least)
Duration: 13min11s.
Sound: 2 channels, L/R
Sound start at 1min49s and stop at 10min41s.

Performative version, adding the following:
Sound: PA with 4 loudspeakers + sub bass, (4 corner in dark room. Very loud sound system)
Video projection HD
Noise breaker headset for audience.

-Direction/Concept: Laura Murtomaa & Eric Mutel
-Video: Eric Mutel
-Video, Live perf edit & mix: Eric Mutel
-Music: "Viesti" (a message)
-Music Perf: Hukka
-Music comp & Arr: Laura Murtomaa
-Music Arr & Mix: Tuomas Norvio

Supported by:
-Taiteen Keskustoimikunta (Arts council of Finland)
-Festival Cartes Flux 2010, CARTES, Espoo.