2nd February 2008
- Installation / Set-Stage Design, for collaboration Performance project.
Barents Spektakel Festival 2008, Kirkenes, Norway. 30 Jan - 3 Feb 2008.
Stage Design and Workshop ( ice, snow, frozen clothes, stage) By Eric Mutel ( free lance Artist) and Maria Huhmarniemi (artist and lecturer at University of Lapland, Rovaniemi. Workshop With Student from University of Lapland, Student from Murmansk & Student from Tromsø Art Academy.

Performance Collaboration project, "Border-Crossing Exercise III", on Pikevannet (The Girls Lake), on frozen lake, 200m from the border between Russia and Norway.

Stage used was 30m x 30m, with a cleared surface on frozen lake of 50m x 50m.
10 vertical standing iceblocks, between 3m to 2m height.
350 holes in the surfaces were made, for 350 candles.
About 40 to 50 frozen clothes were made by student and staff.
80 performers on stage.

3D Design view of the preliminary planned stage, by ©Eric Mutel.
(Change have been made during realisation)

Large far away view of stage, show starting.

Project collaboration with:
Kai Somby, Stepanida Borisova, Amund S. Sveen, Sverre Gjørvad, Stellaris Dance Theatre, Nikolai Schetnev, Solveig Leinan-Hermo, Amadeus choir, Crescendo choir, Eric Mutel, Maria Huhmarniemi.
A unique sound and dance performance at the Norwegian-Russian borderline –
here you will see the border under the water! Join the border-crossing exercise!
Composer: Amund S. Sveen
Director: Bente S. Andersen
Arr: Pikene på Broen in cooperation with Musikk i Finnmark, Stellaris Dance Theatre, Lapland University, Gapahuken /Sollia Gjestegård, Barents Secretariat, Sør-Varanger Municipality, GSV, Grensekommisariatet and others.
Borderline on the Pikevannet (the Girls Lake)
Open house inside and outside Gapahuken.

Successed performance, with an audience gathering at least 600 persons..!

VIDEO Samples:
Video on Festival Barents Spektakel on YouTube.
Video Samples, setting up the stage, QT 03'13, 26,9MB
Video Samples of the show, QT 05'21, 45,5MB

This idea of light/fire/candles in surface of frozen lake, was first realised and tested in 2001.
Idea in reaction of a Swiss expression, " y a pas le feu au lac", in French.
(literaly in english, "The lake is not on fire" or the lake is not burning"), which means, there's no rush.
I actually wanted to put the lake on fire!

Small video test (lake on fire) QT video, 275Ko - 00'12

Some images of the work done to prepare stage and images during performances: