Snow Sculpture - assisting

International Snow sculpture Festival, Snowdays 2013, Chicago, USA.

Snow scuplture designed by Franziska Agrawal.
Participation as a team member for the realization of it
International Snow sculpture Festival Snowdays, Chicago, USA, in January 2013.

Lighting design for the Ice concerts of Terje Isungset, Bludenz, Austria. 2013.

Lighting design & ice instruments assistant, for the concerts of ice music by Norwegian musician Terje Isungset.

Lighting design for the 2 ice music concerts of Terje Isungset that happen at Remise, in Bludenz, Austria, on 18th January 2013.
Also assisting on doing the ice instruments and setting the ice instruments on stage for Terje.

One video link, part of the concert.

Ice concert with:
-Terje Isungset: ice music
-Lena Nymark: Vocals & electronics
-Asle Karstad: sound design
-Eric Mutel: Lighting design & ice instrument backliner, visuals.