Exhibition - ARLES, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie - FRANCE

July-Sept 2007

Exhibition, Nominated by Alain Fleischer, in the Discovery Awards Exhibition.
Week meeting: from 2nd till 7th July.
Exhibition from 3rd july until 16th September 2007.
Place: Atelier de maintenance, Arles, France.
Rencontres d'Arles

Works presented:
-Video installation in 3D relief "In Cryo Video".
-New photographs, 13 large scale color prints, variation from Video Installation.
-Release of Flipbook "Timelaps", Freak Book 1#0.

-Space designed for exhibition, Installation

3D view design of the planned installation space. ©EricMutel.
(video installation inside - photographs on outside walls)

3D view design of other installation/space version with 2 spirals. ©EricMutel.

-View of the exhibition In situ

Quick Video tour of the Installation In Situ , 1'00 - 5,2Mb
(designed Spiral, photo outside, Video installation inside)

-Video Installation in 3D relief " In Cryo Video", within the spiral space design.

View of the video installation. ©EricMutel

Links to video sample of "In Cryo Video"
Demo In Situ 07'15 - 25,3Mb (shot during 1st presentation at Panorama7, in June2006)
Sample1 01'19 - 4,8Mb (in 3D relief)
extra 00'02 (looped) - 2,4Mb (not in video installation)

More info on "In Cryo Video" here.

extract 3D image from video installation. Viewed with 3D glasses.

-New photographs, 13 large scale color prints, variation from Video Installation.
Sample of one of the 13 presented:

view of a photographs print.
Geology#0 - Digital Inkjet print - 75cm x 100cm.

Others Images prints in Arles: Menu right, Galeries, Portfolio2 - 2006-2008
You can also refer to this page.

-Release of Flipbook "Timelaps", Freak Book 1#0.

view of Flipbook Timelaps, Released in Arles, during the Festival.
First edition distributed by Eric Mutel.
Video Demo of Flipbook , 00'47" - 1,2Mb.

Some Press reviews web links:

The British Journal of photography
Blog of The Saatchi Gallery

July 2007

Release of Flipbook "Timelaps", Freak Book 1#0, edition#0. 2007.

Edition#0 of Flipbook "Timelaps", Freak Book 1#0, by Eric Mutel. 2007
Printed in 200 units, prototype edition. 164 pages
Realised, designed, photos, layout, prepress by Eric Mutel.
Pinted on Eurobulk 130g paper, by Författares Bokmaskinen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Realised for the Discovery Awards Exhibition.
Photo Festival Les Rencontres d'Arles 2007, France.
Sources Images from Video Installation "In Cryo Video", realised by Eric Mutel, 2006
Left and Right Handed flipbook.

Distributed by Eric Mutel. (at the moment)
On sale in Festival Shop and Actes Sud library in Arles, France, until mid-september 2007 (until world released !)


View of Flipbook while flipping.

Video Demo of Flipbook , 00'47" - 1,2Mb.