Twisting Subzero

Collaboration on the performance project "Twisting subzero" by Danspoolen, Piteå, Sweden.

I participated, with the visual work of frozen clothes, on the creation of performance project "Twisting subzero" by Danspoolen Cie.
The project was presented during Stora Nolia Fair, in Piteå, in Sweden, on 4th August 2012.
It took the form of a visual, sound and dance/ happening performance, on stage, and as a walk performance in alley and around stand of the fair.

The project received support from Kulturkontakt Nord, Mobility funding.

Participated in the project:
Production: Erika Pekula Pettersson
Frozen coats: Eric Mutel
Music: Lisa Stenberg
Dancer/Performer artists: Erika Pekula Pettersson, Ida Morin, Jenny Abdelkader, Johannes Blomqvist, Sofia Breimo, Titta Court.

All Photos by Eric Mutel

Preparing the frozen coats, storage of frozen coats in Reefer warehouse, rehearsal, test, and final resting layback sauna for the frozen coats after the show!

Straw and Hay sculpture

1st International sculpture competition of straw and hay, Valloire, France. 2012.

Project "Wings", for a sculpture with hay.
Sculpture festival of Straw and Hay in Valloire, France, July 2012.
Project designed by Eric Mutel, and realized together with the assistance of Franziska Agrawal.

Sculpture is on a surface of 5m x 6m. Walls are each 2m50 high, x 3m50 long x 20cm thick.

All photos and design by Eric Mutel.