Stage Design Sketches for Opera project, 2008/2009, France.

Adaptation King Arthur Opera, Henri Purcell.

Project with:
Music Direction Jöel Suhubiette, Orchestre Ensemble Jacques Moderne.
Scenography and choregraphy François Raffinot.
Costume Design, Daniel Ogier.
Scenography / Stage Design & video Design, Eric Mutel.

Some Sketches of a part of the planned stage:
All Images, work of Arts & Design, Copyright©EricMutel2008


3D Design view of the preliminary planned stage, by ©Eric Mutel.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design within other Stage Design / Installation / exhibition / performance project

Most of the Stage Design / installation / exhibition or performance projects i have been carrying out, have been often thought or planned also in terms of lighting design. Nevertheless, i haven't always carrying out as such the lighting design for all of them.
Other lighting designer were, alone or together with me or some of my advice and direction, carrying out some of the lighting design.
-Here are some projects were i had also carried out the lighting design, installation of light or operated them.
-Here are some visual and links about those project. Pictures are not always correctly representing the all lighting design...
-I have also worked as lighting assistant or operator on some several other projects, Theatre, installation or Opera...

More to come or update from previous.

- Ice Music concert of Terje Isungset - Lighting design - Istanbul 2010.
Collaborating on Ice Music Concert of Terje Isungset, in Istanbul, Turkey.
Beside assisting on Ice Instruments making, ice instruments stage setting, i did a small scale lighting design with LEDs, for 3 Ice music concerts by Norwegian musician Terje Isungset, accompanied by Norwegian singer Maria Skranes.
Performed at Magic Ice Museum, Istanbul, Turkey, on 17th December 2010.

-Matiki Magic, 2010, Children's theatre play, Helsinki, Finland.
Lighting & Sound Design.

I took care of the lighting design and sound design, as well as operating light and sound during shows.

Matiki Magic theatre play (swedish speaking) has been created in Septembre/Octobre 2010, at Unga Teater in Espoo, Finland.
Premiere at Unga Teater, Espoo, on 19th Octobre 2010.
The play has been touring in Schools and Theatre during Octobre, Novembre and Decembre 2010.

Text & direction: Linda Rajalin & Camilla Hellberg
Scenography & costum: Sara Bäckström
Light design & sound design: Eric Mutel (FRA)
Music: Kenneth Gibe (SA)
Producer: Niina Kallio
Actors: Minerva Peijari, Sue Lemström, Linda Rajalin, My Ström (SVE), Kenneth Gibe (SA), Francis Mushonga (ZIM)

Photo ©Eric Mutel, during the premiere at Unga Theatre, Espoo, on 19th Octobre 2010.

-Barents Spektakel 2010, Collaboration project, Nord Rute.
February 2010, Kirkenes, Norway.
Set / Stage Design, Installation, Lighting Design
For more infos you can refer to this link.

-DanseFestival Barents 2009, Border Line Project (small version)
November 2009, Hammerfest, Norway.
Leading project, stage design / visual arts, Lighting design.
Collaboration with Dancer / Performer Camille Mutel.
For more infos you can refer to this link.

-Barents Spektakel 2009, Collaboration project, Border control or rock-n-roll.
January 2009, Kirkenes, Norway.
Set / Stage Design, Installation, Lighting Design
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-Barents Spektakel 2008, Collaboration project, Border-Crossing exercise III, Pikevannet.
January 2008, Kirkenes, Norway.
The lighting candles design/installation, within the stage, designed by me.
Advising for the lighting design.
for more infos, you can refer to this link

-Generator / Ääninapapiiri.
Set / Stage design - installation - Lighting Design - Production.
March 2005, Helsinki, Finland.
For more infos you can refer to this link, and also there.

-Latent, suite 301.
2003/2004 Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
Installation / suite design - Lighting design of the suite
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Installation - lighting design and sets for the installation.
August 2002, Helsinki, Finland.
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