ice & snow installation / fresco

international ice sculpting festival 2013, Valloire, France.

Realization of an ice and snow fresco / installation, ordered for the entrance of the ice sculpting festival arena in Valloire 2013.
Festival was from 15th to 19th January, in Valloire, France.

Since i won the 1st prize of jury for the ice sculpting festival 2012 in Valloire, i was proposed by the organized to realized the entrance fresco of the arena for the sculptor of the 2013 sculpting competition.
It was requested that the fresco is done with ice together with 2 walls of snow and there should be at least written, Valloire 22 years of ice.
So i thought to work finally only with the lettering. The walls got cut out on both side, giving some kind of frame in the wall on both side.
The letters were cut out in the left over of the wall in the center, and letters were made by accumulation of many thin plane of ice, layer by layer.
Text was then visible from both side, from arrival side in the correct reading way, on the exit way, inverse.
The main idea was that the letters, by the layering of plane of ice, going through the wall, will play with the light, and the many different layer of ice difracted the light, giving more relief to the letters.
About 10 blocks of ice ( 100cm x 50cm x 25cm) were used to do all the lettering.

Design and realization: Eric Mutel.
Assistant: Franziska Agrawal.

All photos by Eric Mutel.

Lighting design for the Ice concerts of Terje Isungset, Arkhangelsk, Russia, 2013.

Lighting design & ice instruments assistant, for the concerts of ice music by Norwegian musician Terje Isungset.

Lighting design for the ice music concert of Terje Isungset that happen in Arkhangelsk, Russia, on 7th January 2013.
Also assisting on doing the ice instruments and setting the ice instruments on stage for Terje.

Ice concert with:
-Terje Isungset: ice music
-Maria Skranes: vocals and electronics
-Sara Marielle Gaup: vocals
-Sven Persson: Sound design
-Eric Mutel: lighting design and ice instrument backliner, visuals.

All Photos by Eric Mutel

Following photos by local photographer: