Installation - September 2009

September 2009, Installation, Basics.
Made and displayed at the Art Fair Suomi 2009.
Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.

150cm x 50cm x 50cm
mix media - Finnish traditional dried bread (varrasleipä), cd/dvd, wood and metal bars.

Views of installation

with lighting and shadow.

view in the Art Fair Suomi, together with installation - Try it on! - beside.

Ice Music Festival 09 - Schnals, Val Senales - Italy

February 2009

Installation, Stage /Set design.
Stage arrangement and assistant for ice instrument making for musician Terje Isungset,
for the Ice Music Festival, happening in Schnals, Val Senales, in Italy ( Sud Tirol).
The Festival is performed in an Ice Dôme that was made by American Artist Tim Linhart,
in 2008, and preserved through out the years, at 3000m altitude.

Performance and festival from 21st February till 1st March.
Performance of Ice concert duo by Terje Isungset together with singer Lena Nymark (myspace of Lena).
Also Glass music concert by Glass Harmonica duo Christa and Gerald Schönfeldinger.

-Installation / frozen image in ice of Ötzi (iceman), and lighting arrangement.
-Assisting Terje Isungset for ice instrument making.
-Frozen logos in ice and more...

Video Extract from concert
Here you can see few low resolution video extract from concerts:
(not very good sound and video quality tough, quick small digital camera.)
video1, QTmovie, 5,3Mb-01'00
video2, QTmovie, 5,3Mb-01'00
video3, QTmovie, 5,3Mb-01'00

News And infos
Short video on YouTube
other Short Video on YouTube

The stage and icedôme space before working inside.