Barents Spektakel Festival 07, Kirkenes, Northern Norway

January 2007

-Installation / Set Design / stage , indoor place Malmklang. Collaboration with Norwegian musician Terje Isungset, for his ice music concert.
Performing with Stephanida Borisova from East of Sibieria (singer) & Peter Paelinck from Belgium (Ice didgeridoo), on 31st January 2007.
Part of the Ice Music Tour of Terje Isungset
-Video installation, small variation "In Cryo Video", Hot Arctic exhibition
-Workshop on frozen photography, liquid emulsion and installation.

Barents Spektakel

VIDEO samples
Press review on festival by TV Murmansk, QT 02'55 - 11,2Mb
Video on Barents Spektakel 2007 & Hot Arctic exhibition on YouTube
Video samples from concert. QT 03'40 - 31,8MB.

3D design of the stage/installation

Ice Music Tour

January - April 2007

Frozen pictures by Eric Mutel for the Ice Music Tour of Terje Isungset. Jan-Apr 2007, Norway/Finland.

Terje Isungset had his Ice Music Tour, during January till April 2007, within Norway and north Finland.
He brought with him several frozen liquid emulsion photo prints in ice, that were display in each new venues.
Frozen iceblocks and images were kept and moved around in the frozen truck, with the instrument.

Installation in Kirkenes, Barents Spektakel, and Geilo, Icefestival#2, were 2 main venues, part of the tour.

Some images from one of the concert of the tour. Here in Vadsø.