Hovden Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival 2011, Hovden, Norway.

Sculpture with ice, snow, frozen photograph, lighting at Hovden ice and snow sculpture festival.


-Participation in the Hovden international ice and snow sculpture festival 2011, in Hovden, Norway.
Sculpture / installation / space, with ice, snow, frozen photograph, lighting.
Festival and sculpture exhibition opened on 29th January 2011.
Sculpture made possible with help of assistants: Erik Lindland, Raik Raupach.

More of the planned design:


Photo of the sculpture / installation. (photo by Rune Nylund Larsen):

Mykkä ( Hetki jään sisällä) - Single Video version

Video DVD version . 2010.

Video. 2010

Mykkä was a project at first for live video and sound installation.
It is also made to be shown as a normal video projection, in cinema theatre or on HD TV, from DVD, BluRay, HD file, DCP.

Photo by Eric Mutel.