Straw and Hay sculpture

3rd International sculpture competition of straw and hay, Valloire, France. 2014.

Project "Lifted", for a sculpture with straw and hay.
Sculpture festival of Straw and Hay in Valloire, France, July 2014.
Project designed by Eric Mutel, and realized together with the assistance of Vincent Mounous.
Sculpture is a hot air balloon made with straw and hay, with metal and wood inside frame.
Total height of sculpture is 4,5.
Balloon is 2,5m Diameter

Lighting design, Children's Theatre play, Framför mina tår ligger världen.

Lighting design for Children Theatre play, "Framför mina tår ligger världen", directed by Katja Kröhn, produced by Theatre Mars, created and performed at Universum theatre, Helsinki, 2014.

I got to do the lighting design for the children Theatre play, "Framför mina tår ligger världen".