Festival Barents Spektakel 09, Kirkenes, Norway

January 2009

-Set/Stage design, Installation, Lighting design.
Barents Spektakel Festival 2009., Kirkenes, Norway. 28 Jan - 1 Feb 2009
For the collaboration project: Borders, Control or rock-n-roll
(with Ice and light set/installation - performance - dance - music)

The work i was responsible for was a part of the stage design,
around the iceskating and the watch-tower.
It consisted of 2 walls of ice, of 12m long each, curved horizontally and vertically,
with variable height of iceblocks, from 1m to 2m50.
Holes were drilled in each blocks, at different height and deepness,
where were inlayed candles, burning during exhibition opening and show,
therefore being part of the rest of lighting design i also directed.

The Performance was on January 31st, on the town square, in Kirkenes, Norway.
during Festival Barents Spektakel, organised by Pikene på Broen.

-This space was also the place for a sound installation exhibition,
Sound Around the Watch-Towers.
mixing 2 projects within the same area.

3D Design view of the preliminary planned stage, by ©Eric Mutel.
(Change have been made during realisation)

Project, Border Control or Rock-n-roll, with:
Composer: EVGENY FEDOROV (on myspace, from TequilaJazzz. )
Accordion- improvisations: KIMMO POHJONEN
Ice-breakers show: SAKARI RAUTIO
Figure-skating choreography: ANNA PUCHKOVA
Light design: ERIC MUTEL
Idea and production: PIKENE PÅ BROEN

Project, sound around the watch-tower, with:
MOMBUS (Murmansk, Russia)
ESPEN SOMMER EIDE (Bergen, Norway)
Curated and produced by Pikene på Broen.
Opening of Spektakel exhibiton 2009 by the Minister of culture TROND GISKE.


Short Video about the show Border, control or Rock'n roll. QT video, 33,3Mb - 13min32s.
Short Video about the all Festival. QT video, 20,7Mb - 8min53s.
Short video of the show, on youtube.
Small video on youtube about a part of festival ( from TV2 norwegian channel)
Some News of the festival, on BarentsObserver online news.
Some Images of the festival, on BarentsObserver online news.

During the concert/performance
we faced some not easy weather condition just before the show,
and the stage was unfortunatly a bit changed/adapted against snow fall

After the show, on day time.

Ice Music Festival#4 - Geilo -Norway

January 2009

-Installation / Set Design / Stage by Eric Mutel for IceMusicFestival#4, in Geilo, Norway.
9th - 11th January 2009.
In Collaboration with Norwegian Musician Terje Isungset, Ice concert.
Project Carried out by Høve Støtt As.

Were also Performing on stage: Terje Isungset, Sidsel Walstad, Nils Økland, The St.Hallvard Choir, Sara Marielle Gaup, Lena Nymark, Helene Bøksle, Flukt group, Bright Night International.

Lighting Design by Daniel Kolstad Gimle (Norway)

Stage made out of 1 cut igloo, 2 long walls of snow in a triangle shape & bumppy curved amphi for audience.
with frozen photographs print out by liquid emulsion + light
Stage construction with help of local crew of Kikut, volunteers,
and Bill Covitz ( icematters ) from USA carrying out most of the ice instrument making.

- Workshop on frozen photography, liquid emulsion & installation.
- Terje Isungset released also his new CD, Hibernation, on All-Ice Record

Videos & infos
Video in news online Hallingdølen.
short video on YouTube

Images & infos
Newspaper Hallingdølen
IceMusicFestival#4 Other images, by photographer Bjørn Furuseth.

3D Design view of the preliminary planned stage, by ©Eric Mutel.
(Change have been made during realisation)